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  • Samantha Attinello RSW

5 Strategies to Enjoy Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy is often considered a time of joy and excitement. However, for some women pregnancy is a time of intensified anxiety, fear and discomfort. From unplanned pregnancy, high risk pregnancy, worries about babies health, past trauma of loss, struggle with body image, difficulty bonding and feeling physically unwell. Pregnancy is not always what it is cracked up to be. These are some strategies to get your anxiety under control.

Practice Living in the Moment

The truth is we have no control over the future. The only thing we have control over is how we react to the moment. So instead of worrying excessively about the future, practice being in the moment. Pay more attention to your favourite song or smelling flowers. If one of those awful negative thoughts appears just let it pass by without judgement and return to focus on the task at hand. Mindfulness is an important tool to decreasing anxiety.

Meditation and Yoga

Practicing meditation or the active meditation of yoga can be a great source of decreasing anxiety. This can be as easy as going on YouTube and watching a short relaxation exercise and registering for a prenatal yoga class. Meditation can be a wonderful strategy to help you relax throughout your pregnancy and prepare you for labour.

Pamper yourself

Before baby arrives is the perfect time to practice taking care of yourself. This can be as simple as taking time out to listen to music you enjoy, taking a walk, putting moisturizer on, going for a pedicure or getting a relaxing prenatal massage. Learning to do this when you are pregnant is great practice for when baby arrives.


Whether this is your first child or third, prioritizing your relationship goes a long way in co-parenting. Celebrating you pregnancy by planning time together as a couple is a way to do this. It can be a one night stay in a hotel, a dinner date or a week long vacation. The most important thing is that you are making time to reconnect. In our busy lives it is easy to become a passing ship with your partner. This is your opportunity to discuss each other’s goals, kick back and relax without your impending increase in responsibility.

Challenging Unhelpful Thinking

Our thoughts do not make sense when we are anxious. When we are emotionally distressed, whether it be anxious, angry or feeling down our thoughts don’t make sense. Acknowledging this and practicing healthier more realistic thoughts can make your mood improve and make you feel calmer.

Samantha Attinello MSW, RSW is a psychotherapist who specializes in supporting women during pregnancy and in the postpartum period. You can feel more calm and relaxed during this huge life transition. Call B Healthy Counselling today to book an appointment.

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